Maikai is a digital marketing company in Tokyo that uses social data and visual storytelling to generate online leads.  Peeling away the layers of obfuscation that technology brings, and getting back to what is basic, and real. To artistic expression, and the world it creates, for better conversion at key purchase decision making times. To the ideas that matter and make a difference in bringing us together and allowing us to better understand our technology, and lives.

"June Group has been a perfect partner to us in launching our business in Tokyo.  From registration and founding to ongoing legal advice and support, we enjoy working together and having their friendly, professional guidance."

- Founder, Tyler Harder


Airline Design

Airline helps companies identify what products their customers need and then crafts how those products should look, feel and be experienced. Our focus is on consumer electronics that integrate hardware and software together. We have experience ranging from autonomous vehicles, fitness wearables, environment design  and most recently robotics. The Airline design studio is located in funky Shimokitazawa, Tokyo from which we service clients globally.

“starting a company can be complicated, starting a company in a foreign country that you don’t currently reside is complicated and daunting. From the very first contact I made with June,  they were able to break down the overall process, lay out the sequence events that needed to occur and answer the many many questions I had about Japanese company structures and visa requirements. With June there were no surprises, the prices were competitive with no hidden or additional fees. June gave realistic deadlines and met or exceeded in delivering each step of the way”

- Founder, Paul